Therapeutics and wellness for Psoriasis, Neurofibromatosis

Mental Health

Problem Patients are often confused for the help they need to set goals, motivate them to get healthy, follow the cycle to take medicines. There is lot of info online but do not help eachperson like a coach or role model.Our conversational AI solution built on AI, ML and NLP and voice will guide patients and motivate to start and provide resources to excel. Problem 1:NoHuman like interaction for patients with acute diseases.Problem 2:Lack of inspirational tutotials,guides to overcome stress,anxiety,depression. Problem 3:High costs for person to person care giving in healthcare

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Our Team have overall 25 years of experience in IT Consulting,Startups,Design and Development and have worked with clients Novartis,Cureaos DE,MSD,AstraZeneca,GE Healthcare,Teva,Boehringer Ingelheim,Charles River in healthcare ERP implemnations.With implementation knowledge from these clients and the customer pain points,we have put those ongoing customer pain points in our product for healthcare industry.We have got selected for GSK AI/ML startups to showcase the solution in Brussels summit in 2018 and selected from Barclays Eagle Labs,2019 Cohort II and have done a MVP to CLS Group(FX) in London for the project bidding and stood as runner up out of 15 startups. Founder-Sreenath Rangapuram Masters graduate in Computer Science. Graduate Barclays Eagle Labs 2019, London, UK. GSK top 10 startups for AI/ML at Vaccine Innovation Summit,Brussels,Belgium r3(Corda) Blockchain Accelerator 2020 18 years of experience in IT Consulting. Co-Founder Kumudha Puram Bachelors degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communications). All Raise USA Accelerator 2020.

Project Details

Therapeutic and wellness patient engagement solution.Integrate AI into healthcare, data sets across organizations, strong governance to continuously improve data quality. Defining and addressing digital literacy to carers.IoT Health device to monitor progress. Allow patients and/or caregivers ability to easily collect and use the platform for daily activities and to help digitize their data. Healthcare providers/ Clinicians can see real-time data collected for their patient population and use this to care for and improve communication Aggregate data sets can allow for feasibility studies as well as capability to create structured data capture for registries, studies, and trials as well as electronic signature for Informed Consents. Image Classification for Psoriasis, Neurofibromatosis using machine Learning and AI.