Terra Vetus Therapeutics

Mental Health

Latin for “Old Earth”, we patented a therapeutic suspension of Honey + Cannabis + Psilocybe.cubensis mushrooms. We are D&B registered, and currently providing access to 4 licensed counselors, and patients from 48 states.

Project Team

Christine Gerlock
Lisa Melo
Glenn Adams
Glenn Adams

Project Status

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Patent Status
Patent pending

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https://www.researchgate.net/publication/360221404_Myco-nundrum_The_Cost_of_a_Missed_Education In May 2022, we obtained a Patent Pending filing for a honey suspension of cannabis extract and Psilocybe.cubensis mushrooms on a microdose level. This has been found to be effective in relieving the symptoms of many of our current social medical issues.

Project Details

We are seeking to provide access and education to all interested parties, professionals, Veterans, and individuals, regardless of income status. We are trending 5200% growth in our inaugural year.

Project Timeline

  • Honey Packet Filling Machine

    Required Funding$20,000
    Duration3 Months

    In order to produce a non-glass packaging option, we will offer 14g honey packets. This will reduce our cost of packaging and weight for shipping. This also allows us to offer 30 days of honey therapy for a lower cost than 2-4oz glass jars. This cost also accounts for 5000KG of custom printed plastic film, and custom boxes for display and shipping.

  • Terra Vetus - Physical Manifestation

    Required Funding$2,000,000
    Duration12 Months

    Terra Vetus is ready to construct physical "grow" space in 4+ US States, for a theoretical "combined" habitat for Bees, Cannabis cultivation, and mushrooms propagation. This will allow us to produce our finished product under one roof. The bees will feed on cannabis year-round. The Oxygen and CO2 air circulation is natural perfection for Cannabis to Mushrooms and back. The mushroom substrate will be recycled into Cannabis soil, then recycled again into garden soil for the farm. Part of our space will be dedicated to growing Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, and other medicinal fungi.