Molecule article translation English to Chinese


The article will be translated from English to Tranditional Chinese: It will be published to Chinese communities as educaitonal purpose.

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IP-NFT is a very new concept to Asia community. All the IP-NFT article are English, which is not user-friendly to Asia community, including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Asia areas. A Chinese educational article is needed to fill in the gap of education and increase the awareness in Chinese community. seeDAO is the target community for the article sharing. It is one of biggest and mature DAO in China. Discord members are 10803 (access on 24 Mar 2023). It got the Funding round of Series A from Hash Global and 6 other investors on Apr 2022. There is a special translation team in seeDAO, which will provide translation support for all Web3 articles In seeDAO translation team, they already translate a deSci article which mentioned Molecule, VitaDAO and IP-NFT before. (Ref: On another hand, all existing IP-NFT are scientific research related. IP-NFT about article translation can initiate the discussion on how to expand the usage of IP-NFT in a well-control project.

Project Details

//Phase 1 [100% completed] : Selection and concept review with Molecule To serve the purpose of education of DeSci and IP-NFT, the following article is selected. The article will be translated from English to Tranditional Chinese. After translation, it will be shared and publised into Chinese community to initiate the discussion about DeSci. This idea is discussed with heintess#7769 in Molecule Discord and got approval. //Phase 2 [100% completed] : Preparation of qualification Molecule IP-NFT mintpass application completed seeDAO translation team role gained Article translation from Eng to Chinese application is approved by seeDAO translation group. They will provide professional translation feedback after the translation. //Phase 3[50% completed] : Translation - The article is translating from English to Chinese. //Phase 4[0% complete]: Review and Publishing After the translation is completed, seeDAO translation team will review the work and provide professional feedback. Once it is approved, the article will be published to different Chinese communities as the first step education of IP-NFT, including but not limited to: seeDAO discord community If the feedback is positive, more articles can be translated in similar way and AMA would be the next step in the coming future.